Best Pro Website Builders That Small Businesses Should Make Use of


It is no doubt that having a website is a must nowadays in order to stand out in the competition. However, not all especially the small businesses, can afford to bring in an independent website designer. If you’re one of them, no need to worry as there are several options that you can find from free builders list to make a website of your own.

Consider the following top professional website builders that you can use for your small business website today:

Website Builder

With just three steps, this platform will help you to create a professional website. It might be a very simple platform but there are thousands of templates that you can choose from. If you want to make it more unique, you can edit the templates available. Another advantage with tis is that there are both SEO and integration tools that come with it. You can also use the free domain name option. However, it is highly recommended to use a paid domain name.


Another option is Wix, which is considered as one of the most popular free website platforms and comparable to WordPress. Almost practically anything is possible with Wix, but it is great for fashion and apparel websites. You can also take advantage of its SEO link building tools that come with it. It’s easy to rank high when you’re using Wix. Just embed the various Wix templates and connect the media widgets. Then, you already have a professional-looking website.


Sitey is also another option with drag and drop system. The mobile responsiveness of its templates is also a great advantage. Ranking on search engines also makes it easier as it is compatible with Google’s best practices. Basically, it uses plugins and extensions to make it fully functional.


Weebly is also ideal for practically any type of business. There are lots of options of templates for almost any niche. The steps here are very simple. Just drag and drop, and you have great results that even a professional designer would be proud of. It also comes with mobile friendly designs, and compatibility with various browsers. But one of its best features that you can’t get from other website builders is its personalized domain name.

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7 Compelling Reasons in Prioritizing Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is now a new trend and many companies are into it to take its advantage. The Following reasons to convince you to be part of the bandwagon of marketing managers and CMOs prioritizing mobile marketing.
1. Google said so.
It could be very compelling. Take mobile marketing or google websites who are using mobile marketing. Make sure your site is responsive, accessible and easy to browse in mobile devices or make your search ranking to suffer. Don’t wait before it’s too late.
2. Mobile reaches a newer, broader audience.
Please be informed that some people don’t use desktops and laptops anymore. If you are not into mobile marketing, you will surely miss many potential customers who exclusively using mobile devices. It’s surely you’re loss.
3. Social media offers ad platforms.
Even Facebook and other platforms have already considered the potential of mobile marketing. Thus, they have changed their ad platforms to be easily target by mobile customers.
4. Mobile opens up virtual reality and other possibilities.
Because of exciting technologies such as virtual reality, mobile ads are becoming more interactive and effective.
5. You can hit them again.
You have to take multiple attempts to find, reach a customer and have an agreement with the person. So it’s better if you have more avenues to do those. You can connect on a smartphone if you miss the chance on a laptop.
6. It’s going to get more expensive.
Like Facebook advertising, sooner or later mobile marketing will become expensive perhaps because of increasing degree of competition. So do it now while it’s cheaper.
7. It’s personal.
In a computer getting closer to your target audience is tough since most of the times people are not facing the screen. This makes mobile devices different from other media. It helps you to get closer to consumers because of strong personalized characteristic. It’s expected that mobile marketing will earn a bigger place in the market as time goes on.

Mobile marketing is here to stay, and studies show it will gain a bigger position as time goes on.

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Incredible Ways to Win the Competition with Content Marketing


Competition is a reality in the business world and not all are lucky enough to stand in the battle. Everyone needs an advantage. The best way to beat your competition is just to create a killer product or service, impress your customers, and make profit out of it. However you should know how the competition is doing.

Specifically, content marketing is best suited for this because the competition is open in public. This allows you to have your competitors’ success and failures and use them to maximum your advantage.

The following will tell you about another company’s content marketing program:

• Things they published
• The status of what they publish on social media
• The ranking of their keywords
• Their work on pay-per-click advertising, the terms they bid on, the kind of payment for it
• The growth of their social media and their engagements.
• The performance of their sites
• The time and source of their links
The following points tell you the complete information about any competitor you want and use it to avoid their faults and lapses. You can use your resources and time, and if you found out that they are ahead of you in one point, learn to overcome their strengths by not competing directly.

How to find out what they’re publishing

• First, register to their newsletter or have a subscription to their blog’s RSS feed.
• In you inbox, create a folder for every competitor and follow them on every social media platform where they have a username.
• Then, set up a few Google alerts for their primary products, company name, names of their key executives and other terms that refer to them.
• Visit and paste your competitor’s website URL to have a list of published articles, videos, interviews and inforgraphics. You can view the number of shares for every piece of content on the primary social networks and see who shared their content. The information will tell you who to follow and tweet them to inform them of your products and services that they might like.

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How to remain financially flexible while banking

Close up of Calculator keypad

Close up of Calculator keypad

Maintain your financial flexibility by avoiding being stuck with one bank. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Split your direct deposit

You can request your employer for two accounts where your direct deposit will be split. Should you decide to close one account you can easily route the funds to an existing account from another bank. It will be more convenient than opening up a new one after closing an account. You just have to take note of a bank’s required minimum balance to waive fees, because keeping two accounts might make it difficult for you to meet their requirement.


  1. Avoid recurring payments

Although paying bills manually take longer than setting up recurring payment information. But it will be worth the financial freedom because failure to update an account might delay your payment. And if you forget your payment information you have to contact each company with your new account information, which is time consuming.

  1. Scatter your accounts

You don’t have to put all your money in one bank you can deposit them in different banks and use an app to track them. If you have a financial advisor, inquire if he/she uses software that can aggregate all your accounts. This makes it easy for you to monitor your accounts without being stuck.

  1. Skip overdraft protection

Learn to track your transactions so you won’t overspend and feel the need of an overdraft protection. This offer may seem convenient at the onset but will only delay you should you want to close your account with the bank. Diligently, monitor your spending through online banking and keep a buffer of cash in your account so it won’t go negative.

There are a lot of sticky products which you should look out for so you will remain financially flexible when you’re banking.



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A landing page to land your business on top


Here are a few proven and tested tips to help you create a landing page that will surely keep your costumers coming.


The header is located at the uppermost portion of your site. It usually contains the logo and the call to action button. The logo must be placed at the leftmost part of the header and opposite of it is the position for the call to action button. A call to action button must contain a phrase that will catch the customer’s attention. An effective call to action phrase must include action words and must convey urgency for the action. You can use: “For a short time only” or “Request your FREE quote today”. Make sure the size of your header does not take up most of the space of your site.

Video or Image

This should be placed on the left side of your page, either above or underneath the headline. If you choose to put a video make it a minute long or two minutes maximum. For an image, it should be relevant to your products and services. Most of all, whatever image or video you add, make sure it is something professional yet interesting for the customers.

Headline/ Subheadline

Determines the strength of your page to hold your client’s attention and eventually make a purchase or place a call. There are a lot of processes and technicalities in formulating a headline, but these might drown the uniqueness of your page. Just remember to keep it simple and direct to the point. The primary key for your headline’s success is to put the prospect in an affirmative mode. A “yes” will psychologically condition the customers to take you up on your offer. After an affirmative prospect, end the headline with a call to action which promises the customers the biggest benefit you can offer.

Body Copy/Bullet Points

Once your headline does its wonders, the body will continue to stir up your customer’s interest for your products/services. Ideally, it must be a few paragraphs only, followed by bullet points. Bullet points are short, catchy sentences aimed to emphasize the benefits and focus of your business or product. The body of your page must be short, sweet and focused on highlighting the strength of your business.

Contact Form

Not all who visit your page can call you. Leave them the option to submit their information through a contact form. The form must only ask for basic information like name, email address, and phone number. A comment option can be added where they can put their inquiries. For your contact form’s click button for submission; you can be creative by placing “Get free estimate” or “Get free consultation” instead of the usual “submit”.

Testimonial box

This is the portion of your contact form where customers can express their gratitude for the quick and reliable service you provided them. This will help boost your credibility which can attract future customers. Of course, you must screen what gets posted on your page to make sure that the testimonials will really serve their purpose.

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How I Learned About Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Completely by accident I googled myself last year. I entered a standard common search phrase to locate a birthday party magician in Dallas. In the past I had been on the first 3 pages, and I always felt that was good enough.

So here I was reviewing the google page for my search, and there were about 3 or more pages for one particular entertainer, and one that I didn’t know. It seems he had a few listings on the first page, and I had none. No sweat, I thought to myself. I moved on to page two. Still no MrGoodfriend, and still several more of the mysterymagicman listings. Hmmm… next, page 3. Wash, rinse, repeat. No MrGoodfriend, yes mysterymagicman. At this point I’m a little miffed. Page 4, 5, 6…  Okay, now I’m beginning to get annoyed. Pages 7 through 12 offer no relief to my growing uneasiness. Finally, page 13. There’s MrGoodfriend’s page

I understood what the problem was. I had set up my web site years ago. I had left it on auto-pilot. I had performed some small maintenance on occasion. I was sure it was “optimized”. I had key words and such all over the page. I had nice images and content. In other words, I performed some on-page optimization, but very little off-page stuff.

I looked at mystermagicman’s pages, and started duplicating what he was doing. I increased my efforts on the off-page optimization. I also dissected my on-page optimization, and began using some webmaster tools to diagnose problems my site might pose for search engines. I realized my site had some slow loading pages. I did some cascading style sheet improvements (.css) and voila! I cut the page load time in half! As a side benefit I learned a lot about cascading style sheets.

Next I tackled the social marketing things. I tweeted, facebooked, tumbled, pinned, and stumbled. I also requested my clients to provide some reviews. Six weeks later, I’m on the first page of google for the same search.

So with this lesson in hand, I have joined with a family member who owns eKrum Online Marketing Services, and we have generated a program for niche marketing online. Contact me if you ever want to go from page 13 to page 1 in six weeks. I think I can help you out.

About the Author

Derrel Allen is a technical adviser for a Fortune 100 company, a professional magician, and a dynamic online marketng expert. Visit his website for party magician:

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