Creating Successful Habits With Four Simple Disciplines

Do you know what makes successful people successful?
Everyone would jump at the chance to be able to go to the local mall and pick up a bottle of success. But let’s look past that fantasy and find out one of the most basic reasons why people become successful.
Right now, think of someone that you know personally who is successful. Can you picture their face in your mind? Good.
Now think about this question, “Does this person have a successful routine or set of habits that allows them to be successful?” I would be bewildered if they didn’t.
Sometimes the only distinction between being successful and being average is having exceptional habits. A few examples of successful habits could be getting up earlier, not procrastinating thngs that need to be done, being prepared, or effective time management.
How do you begin to build these success habits in your life? Here are 4 steps to creating successful habits.
1. Identify – Discover the areas in your life that need modifying. When you have finished your inner inventory, write down the new habits that need to be started. Don’t become overcome at trying to figure out how you are going to form all of these habits.
2. Pick 2 – Most people sabotage themselves by trying to modify everything at once. Instead, pick one major and one lessor habit that you want to form. For the next 30-90 days these will be the success habits that you will create.
3. Start small – Now that you determined your two success habits, create a daily or weekly routine that is easy to follow. For instance, let’s say that you want to wake up an hour earlier so that you can get more important things done. Instead of setting your alarm an hour earlier right at the beginning, only set it 2-5 minutes earlier every morning until you reach your goal. This way it would take you 30 days to 12 days respectively to gain your success habit.
Remember, “the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”
4. Repetition – Once you have created your new habits move on to the next 2 success habits that you want to create. Soon you will discover you will have initiated a whole new life full of success filled habits.
Just think where you will be in one year if you follow these four disciplines to creating successful habits. If it takes you only 60 days to develop 2 habits, you can have created 12 success habits in just one year!

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How can I disover spa hotels and what to look for?

Spa hotels in the U.K have never been as popular as in other countries. The feverish environment in which we live has meant that numerous people are habitually finding solace at these facilities, and are often indulging in a wide range of treatments that will ultimately calm their stresses and provide restful time in which rejuvenation and ‘detoxing’ can begin to take effect.
Fortunately, there are many spa hotels to choose from which means you can be discriminating about which ones offer the best types of facilities.

Since there is a substantial number of options however, you may find that this selection process is a little more daunting than you first anticipated as you will have to work out which hotels offer the best value for money as well as the widest range of treatments.
First and foremost, prior to taking the effort of finding a spa hotel, you should work out what it is you want from your break away. For instance, if you want a facility that relieves you of aches and pains, look at spa hotels that provide the treatments that you want to utilize as opposed to the ones which look the most flamboyant. Another alternative however, if you just want to get away from the hassle of everyday life and enjoy the finer things in life with your friends, you may want to try a spa that is known to be overly luxurious and regarded for their focus on customer pleasure. There are many spa hotels that have complementary champagne and heated swimming pools for instance, and all will allow you to feel like royalty for the day.
All you have to do to locate a spa hotel that is good for you is search for online brochures and ascertain which hotels offer the most treatments, and more importantly, offer the treatments that you prefer. Additionally, search to see if any of the hotels provide special deals and packages that will allow you to save money. Some may offer deals if you stay for more than one night for instance.

One of the best pieces of advice when selecting your chosen spa hotel though is to read reviews. Online review sites are a terrific way to find out what people liked and disliked about individual spa hotels and will eventually help you to make an inform


About the Author

Robert Alden is a spa consultant in the UK. His website is

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Expand Your Business With Four Easy Steps

Creating a successful and desirable business is no easy task. It’s reliant on many outside factors, including competition, timing and demand, which you have very little to no control over at the beginning. Assuming all of these outside factors are in your favor, having a sound business plan can lead to having a successful business. Here are five steps to consider when you’re building your business from the ground up:

1. Determine your business.

What are you selling? This question isn’t as easy to answer as you may think. For example, Nike is in the sportswear business, but the truth is that when you buy a pair of Nike shoes and a t-shirt at the mall you’re buying a lot more than sportswear — you’re buying an image, a feeling. You’re buying the Nike brand. Richard Thalheimer, the former CEO of The Sharper Image and the founder of, has worked in specialty retail for more than 30 years. When asked what business he’s in, he’ll tell you “convenience” or “innovation” before he specifies any particular industry, and he’s built one of the most powerful brands in America. Keep in mind, there’s more to a product than, well, the product. Your brand is what sets your product apart from your competitor’s.

2. Select your market.

Who are you selling to?This step is a bit less interpretive as the first, though equally important. Who are you selling to? or more importantly, what do you know about this person? Understanding your consumer is a key to success. What do they do? Where do they hang out? What do they watch on television? These are just a few of the questions that you should be able to answer about your them. Knowing the answers to these questions will set a direction when it comes to a devising a marketing strategy. Richard Thalheimer understood his market for The Sharper Image, probably as well as they understood themselves. From an article in the LA Times, Tracy Wan, who was president and chief operating officer under Thalheimer says “Richard has the amazing ability to figure out the things that people want to have.” This ability to measure your consumer’s desire can only be a result of knowing them like your neighbor.

3. Create a marketing strategy.

How do you speak to these people?This is a attainment of understanding your brand and your consumer. As mentioned in number two, understanding your consumer can answer a lot of questions concerning your marketing strategy: Where should you advertise? What’s the voice of your brand? What kind of prices are reasonable for this demographic? In order to engage your consumer, a.k.a. sell your product to them, you must know where your advertisements will be noticed, how to speak to them, and how much they will be able to spend, among many of things. Really, this step should have been combined with the last because who your market is dictates your marketing strategy entirely.

4. Learn by example.

Seek guidance from those who have accomplished it. There are many books written by entrepeneurs who have already started their own business and have been successful in doing so. One that comes to mind immediately, as we’ve already mentioned him a couple of times, is Richard Thalheimer. “Creating Your Own Sharper Image” shares the story of how he grew his tiny office supply company, The Sharper Image, into the thriving enterprise that it has become today.

Remember, building a successful business in not all about the dollars and cents. Just as valuable is the brand equity and your ability to engage your consumer, which is only attainable by understanding them. Assuming there is a demand for your product, and you can compete with the other brands, following these four steps will guide you in the right direction.

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How To Use Motivational Thoughts

motivation debt relief

Have you ever considered the purpose of motivational thoughts? They help you take action. I’m not talking about quotes or positive thinking. Those things shape your attitude and thinking in a similar way. However, the thing that motivates each of us is unique. You have got to have your own thoughts. And those thoughts need to be effective at getting you going.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity — Albert Einstein

Like many decent quotes, it may help you see the positive side of a situation, but it may not get you excited. You will need to apply a little imagination to evolve the idea into your own. You have to remake it into a motivational thought for you.

 Your Own Motivational Thoughts

“Making it your own” is simply experimenting with a good thought until you find a way to use it with your own recipe for motivation. Imagine, for example, a difficult situation and you don’t feel up to dealing with it. As you pause, you contemplate the idea of opportunity coming from difficulty. With this contemplation you discover that it pulls you out of your slump. You can now think about yourself in the future, and you can explain to a friend how you turned the difficult situation to your advantage.

This is one way you create your own motivational thoughts. It might be more motivating if you imagine being interviewed someday about how you overcame this difficult time. The thoughts that work for you are the thoughts you need to be thinking.

Understand Your Motivations

Develop an understanding of how your mind works. Make a list of thoughts you find inspiring. If you don’t have paper and pen, use the voice record feature on your iPod, iPhone, mp3 player, or digital voice recorder. In addition to thinking a thought, try to explain it to someone. If you can translate your excitement to someone else, you will get excited. That can be your own self-motivation recipe. When you feel unmotivated about something, all you need to do is explain an idea I have to someone and by the time you’re done, you’ll be very motivated.

You can get creative in your motivational experiments. Maybe thinking about being poor makes you get up and get to work. If so, that is a great motivational thought. If visual thoughts are more motivating than mental conversations, then use those. See pictures in your head that get you going. Perhaps when people say you can’t do something, you do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. Then it might be motivational to think about them saying you can’t.

When there is a truly uninspiring task you have to do, try promising yourself a reward for completion – make it one that really means something to you. Keep that thought in your mind to keep yourself motivated. A trip to the beach and even a simple bowl of ice cream may be some of your more powerful motivational thoughts.

Getting motivated isn’t magical, but is does do some amazing things.

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