Safeguarding Your Home

A home intrusion occurs every 16 seconds, not to mention that 90% of the times, homes are left empty. See, there are two kinds of burglars: the amateurs and the professionals.

Keeping your home safe isn’t a big problem just because of burglars or opportunists. No, there are far more serious issues in your home to be dealt with along with the external safety of your home. These are 10 simple ways of safeguarding your home from almost all dangers that can cause collateral damage to you and to your friends and family.

Awesome Alarm System

Be sure to look for an awesome alarm system. Yes, it might be a little expensive given that on average, you will have to pay between $125 and $1500 for the alarm alone plus a monthly monitoring fee of $39. But, if you think about it thoroughly, these costs are cheap compared to the cost that would be lost if a burglar or worse, a killer gains access into your home.

Trustworthy Security Dog


The man’s best friend is the best guard when it comes to your safety. He will always be loyal and he certainly won’t let anyone he doesn’t know to enter your vicinity without your permission.

Vigilant Motion-detecting Lighting, Indoors and Out

First, you should put up signs that your home is surrounded by security cameras and then install your motion detectors both inside and out and the security cameras which will not only prevent intruders but will also warn you when there’s danger inside your house.

Exclusive Keys


Never give anyone except mature house residents have access to your keys.

Close-Ties with Neighbors

Be friendly with your neighbors because they are the ones who can help you guard your house whenever you’re not around and vice versa.

Sturdy Doors


Make sure your doors are strong enough to withstand any kicking or forcing open.

Window Pains

Notice that I did not spell “pains” as “panes”? Because all your headache and pain will come from your windows because your child may fall off the window or go through the window in the middle of the night, and also windows are the famous passage ways for burglars and other bad guys so better make sure to have your windows well guarded.

Privacy of Personal Properties

Never publicize what is inside your home. This will attract opportunists and burglars.

Keep Off Dangerous Areas

Mark the areas in your home that are prone to accidents and make sure that your kids or you won’t be one of the victims when passing by or going to those areas.

Be Fire Proof


Be careful when it comes to fire; nobody goes near it or plays with it that doesn’t get burned. Be mindful when you cook, or when you use the gas tank. Maintain a fire extinguisher in your home just in case.


These are just some of the things you have to make sure of doing to really ensure that your home is safe and that everyone inside is safe.

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Finding Reputable Residential Locksmith Companies

As being a property owner or renter this can be a priority to assure that your residence is thoroughly secure, however how will you go about doing this? The top solution would be to speak to a specialized in the field say for example a Arlington locksmith. However few find out about the many expert services that locksmith gives. For that reason inside subsequent you will underscore all the ways in which people security may be enhanced utilizing a qualified household locksmith tech.

Something that a lot of folks can say for certain is the fact a new residential Euless locksmith will get you into the house in the event to have also been locked available. What when you have missing the secrets all together, after that exactly what? The moment indoors the locksmith will take the lock cylinder apart and also decode typically the codes. With this data a pioneering essential matching one that has been lost may be developed. If need be a mobile Dallas locksmith may then make as much important copies or maybe key doubles together involves.

Yet another service a large number of may possibly already anticipate a locksmith to be able give is the one about secure replacement as well as lock updates. Since it is the unfortunate nature of your locking mechanism to embellish available, whether it’s the conclusion removal in the sun, typically the lock canister getting put on through weighty use or the latch/bolt smashing coming from retracting a single way too many times is it doesn’t fate of most seals, which at some time, they are going to have to be possibly repaired or exchanged. Since they will be submerged inside the security industry daily, a locksmith is the perfect prospect for this type of services get in touch with. A competent Euless locksmith will be updated in the many fashionable lock models as well as the home security concerns and for you to. For example , an excellent Arlington locksmith would be aware about the safety hazards that shut bumping positions thereby, would likely, as a way to guide insure that you seals aren’t going to be compromised in this particular style, suggest a car owner pin up grade. This could be achieved by updating the many regular driver hooks inside your a lock while using spooled or perhaps mushroomed wide variety. To avoid wasting an individual money the ideal time and energy to finish this protection upgrade can be in the event the locks are increasingly being rekeyed or perhaps changed.

Just one service a large number of would possibly not involving considered or perhaps take into account that a, non commercial locksmith is able to do, is the fresh new installation of a lock and computer hardware. To be able to cut costs installers oftentimes construct homes having just one single penis or relever handle securing each one or both of typically the garage doorways. This represents any security threat due to the fact that often the inactive latches on knobs as well as lever handles usually do not stretch far sufficient into the front door jamb and thus might be jeopardized without difficulty. The remedy with this may be the refreshing installing of any deadbolt on the control on all of exterior as well as garage doors. Any locksmith is the ideal choice for this kind of secure setting up; they might have all the essential applications to have the job done correct the 1st time. Even though the installment is being executed the Euless locksmith might also put up security affect plates having 3 half inch screws to assist boost the door jamb towards do its stuff assaults.

Another fresh freeze installation that your Dallas locksmith are capable of doing is cabinet front door hair. The primary function of these a lock is always to keep people out of cupboards that they can should not gain access to. An idea can be always keeping small kids faraway from chemical substances and washing solutions. An additional could well be maintaining teenagers faraway from alcohol. In either case an expert Dallas locksmith is completely equipped to install cupboard door locks without damaging the case gates.

Just one expertise unique to queens locksmith could be the ability to improve and open up safes. Probably the arrangement has been lost by way of a joint in storage or a damage inside the loved ones has transpired and they had taken the mix to the severe or it could be the particular combination only no longer unwraps the protected. Whatever the reason an expert Arlington locksmith can start the secure in your case and after that do the repair to it is original safety amount. To help stop this issue by occurring sometime soon with can be useful to replace the actual combo model lock using a modern-day digital electric powered freeze. The benefits of this specific safe shut conversion can be easy entry and the power for any user to modify often the combo themselves. Which is except if one wishes a locksmith to end up along with alter it your kids in that case it really is sure they’d be willing as well as capable.

The last along with probably most critical service that the specialist residential Fort Worth locksmith can provide is a house security danger review. In the event one requests a security and safety assessment the locksmith tech will go walking throughout the house and suggests all the vulnerabilities which are existing. All these may include stuff like home windows beside one sided inactive bolts, gates with only knobs about them, sliding glass gates which are not thoroughly secured, too little strike china, the lack of spooled codes within the cylinders or areas around the house that offer minor visibility providing cover any burglar to interrupt within and the checklist continues on.

As is simply certain a competent domestic locksmith is actually trained and equipped to cope with a huge variety of security troubles and problems. But not all locksmith are of the identical caliber, so when it is essential to choose one make certain that they may be qualified and qualified thus insuring that they supply the degree of service and competence that is certainly likely well earned.

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Landlord’s Guide To Renting A House

To be a successful property owner, you need to have a good property manager. If you don’t want to hire a property manager or management company and pay the associated fees and commissions, then you need to perform these jobs yourself. Here is a step by step chart of the things to do when you want to lease your house.

1. Be certain that the property is clean and in good repair.

A house that is in good repair will draw the best good tenants. Arguably, if it is free of needed repairs, there will be one less item to be considered during negotiation. Be sure the house is secured with re-keyed locks.Ameri-tech locksmiths Arlington, TX

2. Determine the deposit and rental payment.

Analyze what the going rate for your property’s area, and set the amount you are comfortable with. Always charge a security deposit that is more than one month’s rent. Take steps to ensure that you understand your state’s tenant and landlord laws to keep in compliance.

3. Let the neighbors know.

Being cordial to the neighbors will help keep the best renters. If a prospective renter assumes the house is being observed by neighbors who are friendly with the landlord, they are not as likely to misuse the property. Additionally, neighbors may have a friend or family member looking for a nice place to rent.

4. Take out ads in the local newspaper.

Understanding that classified ads are costly, be sure to use these main items: price, size, and contact information. Naturally, you can use the internet to place ads, but many tenants who may be looking, may not have internet access.

5. For Rent sign on the property.

A professional looking sign with For Rent and your phone number should be used. An information sheet can be included, and it may lessen a lot of tire-kickers.

6. Keep the lawn maintained.

During the vacancy, make sure the property is well maintained, the lawn mowed, no over flowing mail box or stacks of advertising flyers.

7. Answer your phone.

Today it is quite easy to get a ‘dedicated’ cell phone just for your rentals. When you have a property or properties vacant, be sure to answer the phone or have a complete message about the property when you can’t answer.

8. Showing the property.

When a prospective tenant calls to see the property, provide them the address and have them visit the house. Tell them to look in the windows just to make sure the previous tenants have gone. If they still want the house, have them meet with you to fill out the application and take a holding deposit of $100 that is fully refundable if the property is not rented to them.

9. Do the background check.

Verify employment and income, call previous landlords. Validate the data in the application.

10. Do a tenant interview.

Use your common sense in talking with the prospective renter. Ask the children questions too. You are about to let a family take over one of your very valuable possessions. You will have to make sure they can take care of it. Don’t wait until you get the perfect tenant, but don’t be in such a rush to rent that you let your standards go to the wayside.

11. Get cash for the deposit or a cashier’s check made payable to you.

This is where a lot of tenants will begin to negotiate. You can’t evict for a late deposit, so always collect the full amount of deposit up front. Also, make confident that you know your local regulations regarding how the deposit is to be in escrow.

12. Present the lease contract, inspection sheet and new keys to the tenant after the full deposit and rent has been paid.

Don’t allow them to move in unless all payments are settled. Require the inspection sheet to be returned within 3 days or the property will be considered by them to be in good condition, no maintenance required. If repairs are reported by the tenant in writing, be sure they are quickly repaired.

Now that you have your good tenant established, use a system to remind you of the lease amount and due dates. Also, use the system to inform you of the lease agreement’s expiration date. Observing these 12 steps will assist you in your property management performance.


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10 Steps For Protecting Your Home

10 Steps For Protecting Your Home

The FBI confirms that a home intrusion occurs every 16 seconds — and more than 90 percent of the time, the homes are empty. So, who are these burglars? There are two types: amateur crooks who might toss a brick through a window, and skilled pros who .

Employing the right security measures can discourage expert thieves and beat opportunists. But criminals aren’t your only problem when it comes to safeguarding your home. You, your friends and your family can get injured by hazardous areas around your property. Check out these 10 simple things you can do to make your home safer for years to come.

1: Arm Your Home with an Alarm System

If you’re contemplating getting a burglar alarm, join the ranks! About 1.8 million electronic security systems are installed in residences across the United States every year. The obvious reason: — a home without a security system is three times more likely to be broken into than a residence with one, according to Simon Hakim, a professor of economics at Temple University in Philadelphia.

On average, you’ll pay between $125 and $1,500 for a burglar alarm, plus a monthly monitoring fee of about $39. There are several options. Try to find a system with a separate control panel and key pad. Those that have both of these in the same unit can be easier for an intruder to defeat before the system notifies a monitoring center.

Did you know?
    Burglars are usually after articles they can sell quickly for cash, like jewelry or handguns. Keep these things out of view!

2: Bone up on Security with a Dog

A hound can certainly add another level of protection to your home, whether you want one in addition to or in lieu of a security system.

But not all dogs are equal when it comes to keeping your property and family safe. Guard dogs protect and defend property. They’re not pets. Protection dogs, on the other hand, are family dogs that watch over people rather than a physical area. German shepherds, rottweilers and Doberman pinschers are considered the best breeds for home protection, thanks to generations of breeding. Kids are safe around them.

If you want a security-trained dog, make sure to buy one from a notable trainer. And if you want a dog and security system, look into pet-immune motion detectors that will announce intruders rather than your furry friend!

3: Install Motion-detecting Lighting, Indoors and Out

Make it harder for intruders to break into your residence at night undiscovered with strategic lighting. Outdoor motion detectors, flood lights and security lighting near possible points of entry, like windows and doors, can be a practical deterrent for unwanted visitors.

For an additional layer of protection, consider installing a security camera. Put up signs that illustrate that your home is armed with a security camera to keep potential intruders at bay. Because your home is likelier to be broken into when you’re away, set indoor lights on a timer to make it look like you’re home.

4: Minimize Access to Your Keys

More than one lock on a door always makes it tougher for thieves to get in. Whether you have a lock set, dead bolt or security chain, it’s even more important to be mindful of who has access to your keys and residence.

Instead of giving your babysitter and dog walker all of your house keys, give them one key to the front door or the garage door opener. That way, if the babysitter’s key is lost or falls into the wrong hands, a burglar won’t have access to the other locks on the front door or any other doors.

The same goes for loaning out keys to the valet attendant and car mechanic. With a little foresight, it can be easy to minimize risk. Installing modern secure door locks is another deterrent to break-ins.

5: Be Acquainted With Your Neighbors

Knowing your neighbors is an inexpensive form of home security. Well-acquainted neighbors are more likely to call you or the police when they see something fishy.

If they know you’re out of town, for example, and they see a furniture delivery truck parked in your driveway, hopefully they’ll call in the suspicious behavior. Piled up newspapers on your driveway, promotional fliers left on your front door or even packages sitting on your stoop are all signs you’re away from home. Ask a neighbor to pick up these things so that anyone staking out the neighborhood doesn’t get tipped off that you’re out of town.

6: Intensify Your Doors’ Kick-in Resistance

Almost two-thirds of burglaries involve forced entry, which is partly due to weak door locks and mounting hardware, according to Consumer Reports.

To bolster locks, replace the strike, a metal plate mounted on the door jamb that the lock bolt slides into. For about $10, you can significantly strengthen the weakest of locks.

Another way to boost your door’s kick-in resistance is to replace short mounting screws with 3-inch ones that reach the door’s studs.

But burglars don’t always break their way in. Sometimes, homeowners let them in through the front door! Installing — and persistantly using — a peephole is an prudent way to avoid this perilous mistake.

7: Reinforce Windows

Windows pose a seperate security challenge. All a burglar has to do is break a window, reach inside, and unlock it to gain access.

There are some practical things you can do to fortify your windows, starting with the glass itself. Regular glass is really easy to break. Laminated windows are ideal, or a special kind of glass that’s similar to car windshields. Installing a second layer of glass helps, as well as ensuring that panes are securely attached to the window frame.

Also, make sure that secure door locks are located farther than an arm’s reach away from windows.

8: Don’t Publicize What’s Inside Your House

You wouldn’t put candy in front of a child and say “Don’t eat this!” So, don’t keep your blinds open and lights on at night and tempt thieves who might be scouting out your neighborhood.

Window coverings should distract onlookers from seeing inside your home. If you have sheer or transparent curtains, just make sure they’re paired with another kind of window treatment that keeps your privacy.

Remember, you’re shrouding the things in your house as well as the people. This way, it’s harder for potential intruders to learn your routine and to know exactly when your family is at home. Of course, keep high-target items like flat screen TVs and jewelry out of sight. Simple solutions like tall fencing or bushes encircling your property can help hide views of your home’s interior.

9: Shield Hazardous Areas

Sure, there are things you can do to keep out prowlers, but it’s also necessary to safeguard your home from accident-prone family and friends.

One of the most unsafe spots on a property is the swimming pool. After all, drowning is the third leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States, and half of these deaths occur in swimming pools, according to the Anesthesiology Medical Journal. Putting a fence around the perimeter will keep out curious young neighbors. Boost safety by setting pool rules like no swimming alone. Also, make sure everyone in your family knows how to swim.

The garage is a potentially dangerous area, too. Sharp tools, toxic cleaners and fertilizers should be secured. It’s a good idea to just keep the garage shut and off-limits when possible. Explain to your kids that it’s not a play area, and suggest another place to hang out.

10: Protect Your Home Against Fires

If you’ve ever severely burned something you’ve cooked, then you perhaps know the annoying sound of a smoke alarm. And if you’re like me, you deactivated the device and forgot to turn it back on.

Don’t make that oversight again! Approximately 3,000 people die in residential fires every year, but there are simple things you can do to save your home and family from runaway fires. Keep all of your smoke detectors in good working order. Test them once a month, and replace batteries semi-annually. There should be at least one smoke detector on every level of your home. Maintain a fire extinguisher handy in high-risk areas, like the kitchen and the garage. And above all, practice a fire escape plan as a family so everyone knows what to do in an emergency.


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Cost Savings For Your Business Through Safety

Establishing a health and safety program in place will reduce costs. Having a program will reduce accidents and will lead to lower company worker’s comp premiums; further business insurance companies prefer their customers to have health and safety programs. These insurance companies might even discount the premium if a program can be proved to exist. The average cost of an accident is $72,500. Direct costs in accidents such as worker’s comp and fines levied can close a business. Indirect costs such as low morale of employees, legal fees, and retraining can be as costly if not more.

A working program will:

  1. Improve employee morale – Shows care in their well being
  2. Reduce revenue loses – Fewer accidents keeps all employees at work
  3. Give a boost to the customer – Makes sure business is operating optimally

Understanding that small businesses with a voluntary health and safety program in place have fifty percent less accidents and reported insurance claims than that of their counterparts according to OHSA stats. Most small businesses fall below the legal requirements for having a formal health and safety program in place due to number of employees on staff. Sixty eight percent of reported accidents are in the service industry which shows even businesses such as retail establishments are not free of accidents.

A health and safety program can be started by drafting a health and safety policy and having it officially implemented. This health and safety policy is simply the stated values that a company wishes to convey in its work processes. Secondly, is how communication between all employees and owners will function. And lastly, put procedures in place to ensure safe practices.

To find unseen hazards and unsafe practices, an audit needs to take place. Take a hard look at the workplace and record all factors that may lead to injury. Even things as simple as the door locks needs to be considered. Hazards might be dangerous chemicals or as simple as a letter opener. Identifying these hazards will lead to procedures to controlling them. Controls such as “Don’t run with scissors in your hands” are effective. Write all procedures in a manual.

Implementing these health and safety procedures will be done with behavioral change. Some programs become weak and non effective because of:

  1. No definition of safety practices – No written processes
  2. No teamwork – Safety is communication from the top to bottom and vice versa. A well written plan will describe what roles everyone plays in safety policies.
  3. No effective goals – The “accident free days” poster will come as a result of sound safety processes.
  4. Wrong incentives – Money as a reward does not work well. Health and safety should be fun and worth employees effort. The right incentive plan can be cost effective and have obtainable goals. Incentive plans can include movie passes or simply “free coffee on the boss.” The insurance industry reports for a dollar spent on health and safety yields four to six dollars in savings.

Once all of the hard work of developing and implementing the health and safety program is done, set aside some time each month to review the workplace. Record what is found; this is a good practice to see dangerous trends that might occur such as a fire exit constantly being blocked. On the quarters of the year post a meeting with employees. These meetings are a great way to get vital feed-back from employees and keep them involved. At least once a year, do an audit to make sure your health and safety program is current with present business operations. And when an employee is dismissed, especially under adversarial conditions, be sure to have the business locks rekeyed if the employee had possesion of door keys.

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