Texas real estate to see an influx of Chinese buyers

The economic instability in China is driving Chinese buyers, investors and owner occupants alike to look to the U.S. for affordable housing. Texas, in particular, is seeing an influx as demands for U.S. property is increasing amongst the Chinese buyers. The Chinese are the top buyers in US real estate registering about $28.6 billion last year. This figure is more than double the second most active buyers in U.S. real estate, which are the Canadians.

When it comes to states that the Chinese people prefer in the U.S., the top three are California, Florida and Texas. But high prices in California seem to cut the demand. Texas is now the best option for these buyers because of the state’s strong employment and education opportunities. Texas registered about 31 percent sales from Chinese buyers last year second to Latin American and Mexican buyers.

The volatility of Chinese stock market caused them to find refuge in the U.S., not only for their money’s sake but also for better living conditions for them and their family. They seek employment in the U.S. and education for their children. These conditions make the Chinese buyers willing to spend more than the average home buyers. They spend about four times the national median home price amounting to about $831,800.

Texas is tops new home construction in the United States, which Chinese buyers prefer rather than purchasing existing homes. Although California also has massive new home construction development, Texas still outnumbers them in production by twice as many new homes constructed.

Due to this influx of Chinese buyers, U.S. homebuilders are taking into consideration conditions that will be suitable for them. They are looking into building multigenerational homes to attract more immigrant families. They are also considering adopting Feng Shui floor plans to attract Asia clients and boost the real estate industry.

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What is the direction of Mortgage Rates?

Mortgage rates are unexpectedly at a three-year low. Mortgages are important in order to finance a home purchase. Thus, mortgage rates have a great impact on buyers and their buying process. For now, buyers benefit from low rates because it gives them increased buying power.

Rates hasn’t only been down this year, although six of the first nine weeks of the year, rates declined it showed an increase in past two weeks. Following mortgage rates movement is important especially that the peak spring buying season almost here. Buyers shouldn’t be complacent because of the recent movements of mortgage rates.

Potential buyers are greatly affected by these rate movements as it will produce about 1.2% difference on their monthly payment which will affect the monthly budget and their debt-to-income ratio (a critical factor to be considered for a mortgage).

With the given trend the mortgage market increased the buyer’s buying power to about 6% with the low rates but the recent increase diminished 2% to their buying power. Although buyers are still at the advantage, the situation can shift any moment given the recent activity in the market.

As a buyer there are three possible scenarios that’ll emerge from the movement of mortgage rates:

The first scenario depicts a negative view of the economy resulting from global economic weakness and the slump in oil prices from January until early February. This caused the decline of the stock market causing global money to take refuge in the Dollar and U.S. Treasury bonds. As demand for bonds increase, mortgage rates will decrease. With this, rates will remain as they as are now throughout the year.

The second scenario has a moderate view of global economic growth which will result in a fixed rate of 4-4.2% by the end of the year.

The last possible scenario sees increased inflation leading to an increase in mortgage rates to 4.5% and can go up to 5.5% in 2017.

Although these are just possible scenarios, it would be wise to consistently monitor mortgage rate movement in order to prepare for possibilities in the future.

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A landing page to land your business on top


Here are a few proven and tested tips to help you create a landing page that will surely keep your costumers coming.


The header is located at the uppermost portion of your site. It usually contains the logo and the call to action button. The logo must be placed at the leftmost part of the header and opposite of it is the position for the call to action button. A call to action button must contain a phrase that will catch the customer’s attention. An effective call to action phrase must include action words and must convey urgency for the action. You can use: “For a short time only” or “Request your FREE quote today”. Make sure the size of your header does not take up most of the space of your site.

Video or Image

This should be placed on the left side of your page, either above or underneath the headline. If you choose to put a video make it a minute long or two minutes maximum. For an image, it should be relevant to your products and services. Most of all, whatever image or video you add, make sure it is something professional yet interesting for the customers.

Headline/ Subheadline

Determines the strength of your page to hold your client’s attention and eventually make a purchase or place a call. There are a lot of processes and technicalities in formulating a headline, but these might drown the uniqueness of your page. Just remember to keep it simple and direct to the point. The primary key for your headline’s success is to put the prospect in an affirmative mode. A “yes” will psychologically condition the customers to take you up on your offer. After an affirmative prospect, end the headline with a call to action which promises the customers the biggest benefit you can offer.

Body Copy/Bullet Points

Once your headline does its wonders, the body will continue to stir up your customer’s interest for your products/services. Ideally, it must be a few paragraphs only, followed by bullet points. Bullet points are short, catchy sentences aimed to emphasize the benefits and focus of your business or product. The body of your page must be short, sweet and focused on highlighting the strength of your business.

Contact Form

Not all who visit your page can call you. Leave them the option to submit their information through a contact form. The form must only ask for basic information like name, email address, and phone number. A comment option can be added where they can put their inquiries. For your contact form’s click button for submission; you can be creative by placing “Get free estimate” or “Get free consultation” instead of the usual “submit”.

Testimonial box

This is the portion of your contact form where customers can express their gratitude for the quick and reliable service you provided them. This will help boost your credibility which can attract future customers. Of course, you must screen what gets posted on your page to make sure that the testimonials will really serve their purpose.

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Tips on increasing cash flow and managing expenses

bank notes being held by a hand representing power and competition

On your way to financial freedom you must practice a system to successful build and manage your finances. You can set up separate bank accounts for different purposes to monitor your cash flow and manage expenses. Dividing your bank accounts will surely work wonders in your ability to build your cash flow and minimize expenses.

For starters especially if you have kids, you can begin with four bank accounts as opposed to the usual two bank accounts namely, savings and checking accounts. You may set-up one main account where your family’s net cash flow goes into. From that main account subdivided it to four separate bank accounts. You can have an expense account, investment account, donation’s account and kid’s account.


Expense Account

This is where you get the funds for your daily consumption and operation, like bills, rents and groceries to name a few. Decreasing your expense might take some time and discipline. You can start allocating 80% of your income into this account then begin to lower it as months pass by until you achieve your target percentage for your monthly expenses. The key is to lower the expense little by little rather than doing it abruptly.


Investment Account

To build your cash flow you must learn to invest. Relying on your jobs or business alone might lengthen the time for you to achieve your target expense per month.  Allot a certain percentage of your income and put it in an investment account. This account will reflect the risk you can take whenever an investment opportunity comes your way. You can start off putting 3-4% of your income into the account and as you decrease your expense account you can increase this account. Ideally, for this account to help build your cash flow you must target to put around 50-60% monthly on the account.


Donation Account

This account consists of 5-10% of your income. This will allow you to give back to a good cause whether to charities or non-profit organizations you are involved in. Building your cash flow and managing your expenses shouldn’t hinder you from being generous.


Kid’s Account

This is where you put money away to build your children’s future. This is not an account to buy their clothes, food or toys but strictly for their future, either for college tuition or a future investment for your child’s future business ideas.


By subdividing your bank accounts you will be provided with individual statistics that can be measured to better divide and multiply all the cash that comes in every month. Also, this will give you a better picture where your money is going in order for you to avoid stress and avoid the emotional roller coaster of losing all your income from expenses.


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Is Real Estate Investing Something You Should Consider?

real estate made of moneyEven in the field of real estate there are numerous different investment directions. And if careful consideration is taken, there are types of real estate investing that is best for a majority of people, although there will still be some for whom real estate will never be a good investment.

Those who are merely not cut out for real estate investing are those who like to enjoy the ticker roll across the computer screen or television screen indicating the worth of their profiles every day. Those who have to see in print the knowledge of their investment practices rather than those who are content to sit on their investments as they take shape or those who want to actively work in order making their investments settle.

Purchase and hold real estate involved acquiring home and holding on to it for a really long time while the value of the home appreciates in value. These investments can provide a good retirement for the best financier as well as funds at the proper time for the wedding events of kids or to pay for college.

Rental buildings are another excellent way making cash for those who want to handle a long-term home investment. In this kind of financial investment money is made every month to either pay or contribute to the home loan and funds can be made when the home is spent for and sold later in life in order to get a more total and overall make money from the endeavor. There is some degree of cost along the method that is involved in keeping buildings as much as date and in need however the advantages of this specific type of investment are virtually obvious for the ideal investor.

Flipping is another type of real estate financial investment that is getting a big quantity of press these days. This process includes buying a building listed below its value, investing in repairing or rehabbing the home, then marketing the home for a substantial earnings. This is one of the couple of short-term sorts of investment that are commonly rewarding when it pertains to real estate investing. There are others but those carry even greater dangers than flipping. Always consult a real estate lawyer when dealing with property closings.

Obviously there are high-risk real estate ventures for those that need a little enjoyment in their lives. One of the more typical high-risk investments would be pre-construction real estate investing. With this type of investment, the financier is really ‘wagering’ that the future building will offer for a greater rate than the financier paid once the building is full.

Whether your investment needs are low-risk, high-risk, or someplace between there is rather most likely a design of real estate investment that will be proper for your certain investment needs. If you do not find a real estate financial investment plan that is ideal for you then do not despair, there is no style of investing that is right for everybody.

How does real estate investing work?

Exactly what occurs when you invest in real estate? These procedures make real estate investing work.

With the existing state of the property market perhaps you have actually been wondering how does real estate investing work. Possibly you need to know if you can still make cash in real estate and how. Does real estate investing work in any kind of financial climate is another frequently asked question.

To address these questions, we have to think of real estate in the same way we would any other form of investing. The answer to the question “How does real estate investing work?” is merely by purchasing low and selling high or a minimum of greater. And naturally that’s possible in any market.

If you browse now you will see lots of building both property and business simply sitting there waiting for someone to come and along and select it up for pennies on the dollar. Why, because there are few individuals who wish to purchase real estate now in time. For the savvy investor this is like finding gold bars lying on the ground.

Simply by doing some really mindful checking you can discover decent homes that are readily available far more inexpensively than they were a number of years ago. Once you are sure that they represent value for money you can go ahead and acquire them now and relax to wait for the building market to choose up again. You could even think about letting them out to lease in the meantime.

Now exactly what does that noise like to you? It sounds exactly the like the stock market doesn’t it? If you’re buying stocks you find value in the business, you wish to purchase shares in and wait for the remainder of the market to see exactly what you have seen.

Any kind of real estate investing at any time deals with precisely the very same concept whether you select commercial properties purchase to let homes or even mobile home parks. Once fellow financiers choose they desire what you have actually got, you are trying to find something which will appreciate in value over a duration of time. Obviously you have to make sure you have done all your checks really thoroughly to prevent buying a lemon but that’s the very same in any investment.

So how does real estate investing work? You now know that it works much like other kind of investing by finding covert value!

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Safeguarding Your Home

A home intrusion occurs every 16 seconds, not to mention that 90% of the times, homes are left empty. See, there are two kinds of burglars: the amateurs and the professionals.

Keeping your home safe isn’t a big problem just because of burglars or opportunists. No, there are far more serious issues in your home to be dealt with along with the external safety of your home. These are 10 simple ways of safeguarding your home from almost all dangers that can cause collateral damage to you and to your friends and family.

Awesome Alarm System

Be sure to look for an awesome alarm system. Yes, it might be a little expensive given that on average, you will have to pay between $125 and $1500 for the alarm alone plus a monthly monitoring fee of $39. But, if you think about it thoroughly, these costs are cheap compared to the cost that would be lost if a burglar or worse, a killer gains access into your home.

Trustworthy Security Dog


The man’s best friend is the best guard when it comes to your safety. He will always be loyal and he certainly won’t let anyone he doesn’t know to enter your vicinity without your permission.

Vigilant Motion-detecting Lighting, Indoors and Out

First, you should put up signs that your home is surrounded by security cameras and then install your motion detectors both inside and out and the security cameras which will not only prevent intruders but will also warn you when there’s danger inside your house.

Exclusive Keys


Never give anyone except mature house residents have access to your keys.

Close-Ties with Neighbors

Be friendly with your neighbors because they are the ones who can help you guard your house whenever you’re not around and vice versa.

Sturdy Doors


Make sure your doors are strong enough to withstand any kicking or forcing open.

Window Pains

Notice that I did not spell “pains” as “panes”? Because all your headache and pain will come from your windows because your child may fall off the window or go through the window in the middle of the night, and also windows are the famous passage ways for burglars and other bad guys so better make sure to have your windows well guarded.

Privacy of Personal Properties

Never publicize what is inside your home. This will attract opportunists and burglars.

Keep Off Dangerous Areas

Mark the areas in your home that are prone to accidents and make sure that your kids or you won’t be one of the victims when passing by or going to those areas.

Be Fire Proof


Be careful when it comes to fire; nobody goes near it or plays with it that doesn’t get burned. Be mindful when you cook, or when you use the gas tank. Maintain a fire extinguisher in your home just in case.


These are just some of the things you have to make sure of doing to really ensure that your home is safe and that everyone inside is safe.

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Selling your property

You want to sell your property. You are very eager and are so ready to tell your friends to tell their acquaintances about it. But, I’d say you should first calm down because the first thing that you have to consider is the real estate company and the real estate agent to hire.

Please don’t settle for just a sign in the yard and going around calling all your friends and telling them about your property sale. You should have a real estate agent who will make the arrangements and stay by your side throughout the whole process.

Pricing Strategically and Being Competitive with the Current Market and Trends.

First off, you should calculate the expenses that may be incurred while selling your property. This will help you determine a good price for it. This cost may include commission, taxes, advertising costs, and property inspection costs. You should be very careful because setting the right price for the property as this is the most important factor to consider. It can make or break the deal. See, over pricing the property may result in having a smaller pool of potential buyers or a prolonged stay in the market that will result in lower offers being submitted. While under-pricing may result in either the loss of money in your investment or a buyer offering an even lower amount due to negative perception of the property or area.

Recommended Staging Strategies to Enhance the Property’s Appearance

Well-placed furniture, a clean floor and walls, repainted walls, repaired plumbing leaks, and other strategies to make your property look good are very mainstream nowadays. Although this might seem like showing off nothing but an illusion, it is still undeniably the most important part when selling a property. The Aesthetics, since that is the first aspect that people look at is very important and could affect the price.

Make your property available via email, direct mail, viewings, and the social media to find prospective buyers. This will additionally provide you with weekly updates detailing marketing efforts and progress.

The real estate agent acts as an intermediary, a liaison officer between the client and the seller. They will arrange the papers and set meetings for the both of you. They will also be the ones who are very willing to look for clients for you. However, just in case, you can also make use of the social media and other sites to post your property. And then after which, I suggest that you talk to them personally and personally show them the property. Be humble while talking to guests and be very meticulous and particular.

Walk you through each step of the selling process, from listing to close:

Be sure to be knowledgeable enough about your place, the house, and your Real Estate Company and agent before going in to the battle field. Be sure to read frequently asked questions and other materials that will help you understand what are at stake and what can be taken away from you if you push through with some plans.

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