8 Helpful Reminders you can Use in Buying Home Land in NW San Antonio

tex2.1Buying home land in NW San Antonio ends your search for a good quality of life; good news is you can acquire one at a low cost. If buying a home may seem intimidating, your aim is not that hard to achieve if you are good at analyzing your requirement and know the kind of land where you want to build your home. Here are some of the things you have to be aware of:

  • Talk with an expert mortgage broker or a seasoned loan officer in a bank to learn how to afford your dream. A wise loan officer could help you in your effort to build a home in the most appropriate way by teaching you the ins and outs of applying for a construction loan and closing procedures involved in the construction process.
  • You have to get a fast estimate from your contractors to know the price you have to pay for the property you want to purchase. You can deduct your building cost estimate from the total budget, then, deduct some for miscellaneous expenses to determine the maximum sum you can spend for land.
  • You may search for ‘For Sale’ signage while driving. There are also some listings that you may be able to find online. List down land that takes your interest and find out who owns the property from the local county tax establishment. Call the owner and inquire if he is selling his property.  You may opt to call in an agent to lay down your requirements to make it easier for you to acquire home and land in NW San Antonio
  • Prior to buying a home, you have to check on water flow, gas connections and electrical wirings and other installations. Check on the easement as well.  Easement concerns the right to use land owned by another person for a certain purpose.
  • Find out if the property you want to purchase is being used by somebody else and has since been awarded that right. You can do this before you present the owner of the land with an offer and before finalizing the deal.
  • You have to remind yourself that buying home land in NW San Antonio is exactly the same as purchasing property in other places wherein buyers are required to know all the boundaries of the lot; meaning—all the edges.
  • There would be instances when you might see iron pins at the center of a road.  Take note of pathways cut by your surveyor while mapping out your property boundaries most especially if your land is located in wooden areas. These could still be seen after several years.
  • You can mark trees with paint to make your property lines more distinct. A survey team is the best that you can use to make sure your property is well marked; some banks may require you to hire them.  However, you have to be straightforward and ask who is going to pay for the survey. This work two ways; meaning both buyer and seller would have the advantage.

Banks may ask for a recorded agreement for properties that are accessed from a private road. This agreement may show who gets responsible for the road’s upkeep. You may request for a signed waiver that divulges facts on any buried items like gas or oil storage tanks. Removal of these things may cost you a huge sum. Removal of these things can cost a lot. Before you offer to buy property, consider things that could render the property unusable for your purpose. Add them to your list of unforeseen events before the deal is finalized. Land that lack sewer hookups requires septic system permits so you have to procure this yourself. Should your home plan be approved by the board of architectural evaluation, then, the offer has to depend on acquiring authorization. It also has to abide with your desired financing scheme. Since contingencies have to be included when drafting standard contracts. A professional contractor, real estate attorney or agent can assist you in determining which among the contingencies you still need to add. It’s going to be a great adventure when buying home land in NW San Antonio and if you are good at locating prospective building sites from weedy parts of the region, you may find what you need that is just waiting for you to tap.

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