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Commercial Real Estate Programs

Commercial Real Estate ProgramsI was researching for some commercial real estate programs a few weeks ago, and I came across a review for Austin Davis and his commercial real estate program. I had been searching for some time when I found the review of his program but when I did locate it, it had some pretty good things to say about him. Ive found a good deal of reviews on his programs and others are giving him a good review for the most part as well.

Based on the reviews, I bought it and have been using it. Like most system programs, I found it helpful. At $97 the program was way under priced compared to the other $500 and some up to $3,000 programs out there. I was mainly interested in finding contacts for funding on my deals. A few weeks after I bought his program I was sent a email from his staff with a invite to his real estate mastermind group for $99 a month.

I decided to try it since it advertised some pretty impressive perks and benefits to the club. I have now been in the club for a month and have applied for funding to get started and have been told I was approved. I should be getting the paperwork next week for it.

One of the most impressive things about his setup is his staff. They are quick to reply to emails and they explain things in easily understand detail. For a more in depth review of his program you can check out the squidoo review page on Austin Davis’s commercial real estate program.

So to review:  if you are looking for a commercial real estate program that makes it easy to get unsecured funds to get started on deals, this is the program you want and the price is lower than most.

One big benefit to the program is the low credit requirements to get started. There is also no income, job or asset requirements to get strated in his program which will be good for many people in this economy.

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