Important Tips to Attract Millennial Consumers

Millennial consumers as we know are very familiar with the technology as they have grown up with the Web and treat their smartphones as part of their daily lives. With these, we know that they have high expectations before they buy. Most of the Millennials are also used to image-based communication which is ideal for today’s shorter attention spans. We can see that today with the use of emoji and with over 2.6 billion photos that are being shared daily on various platforms.

Here are some important tips to attract Millennial consumers:

Tap into the experiences that your brand provides

Nowadays, Millennials are considered as the driving force behind the experience economy. According to 2014 survey conducted by Eventbrite, 78% of Millennials would rather prefer to spend on a desirable experience than a desirable item. With this, marketers need to sell experiences instead of just selling products. One of the ways to do this is to source content from fans in order to provide potential customers an experience and create an authentic view of your brand.

Emphasize the uniqueness of your brand

Try to identify what makes your company stands out from others. Then, try to express these things to Millennials in how you want your brand to be viewed. Exemplify the uniqueness of your brand, as Millennials tend to seek one-of-a-kind products.

Be transparent

Meanwhile, Millennials are also more aware of social, economic, and political issues that are happening around the world. They do not only consider the products offered by a particular company, they also associate it with its back-end practices. Thus, if your company committed to responsible practices while doing business, let the consumers know. For instance, our company can give a portion of every product sold to a certain charitable organization. Such practices reflect that you are committed to being socially responsible organizations.


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