Incredible Ways to Win the Competition with Content Marketing


Competition is a reality in the business world and not all are lucky enough to stand in the battle. Everyone needs an advantage. The best way to beat your competition is just to create a killer product or service, impress your customers, and make profit out of it. However you should know how the competition is doing.

Specifically, content marketing is best suited for this because the competition is open in public. This allows you to have your competitors’ success and failures and use them to maximum your advantage.

The following will tell you about another company’s content marketing program:

• Things they published
• The status of what they publish on social media
• The ranking of their keywords
• Their work on pay-per-click advertising, the terms they bid on, the kind of payment for it
• The growth of their social media and their engagements.
• The performance of their sites
• The time and source of their links
The following points tell you the complete information about any competitor you want and use it to avoid their faults and lapses. You can use your resources and time, and if you found out that they are ahead of you in one point, learn to overcome their strengths by not competing directly.

How to find out what they’re publishing

• First, register to their newsletter or have a subscription to their blog’s RSS feed.
• In you inbox, create a folder for every competitor and follow them on every social media platform where they have a username.
• Then, set up a few Google alerts for their primary products, company name, names of their key executives and other terms that refer to them.
• Visit BuzzSumo.com and paste your competitor’s website URL to have a list of published articles, videos, interviews and inforgraphics. You can view the number of shares for every piece of content on the primary social networks and see who shared their content. The information will tell you who to follow and tweet them to inform them of your products and services that they might like.

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