A landing page to land your business on top


Here are a few proven and tested tips to help you create a landing page that will surely keep your costumers coming.


The header is located at the uppermost portion of your site. It usually contains the logo and the call to action button. The logo must be placed at the leftmost part of the header and opposite of it is the position for the call to action button. A call to action button must contain a phrase that will catch the customer’s attention. An effective call to action phrase must include action words and must convey urgency for the action. You can use: “For a short time only” or “Request your FREE quote today”. Make sure the size of your header does not take up most of the space of your site.

Video or Image

This should be placed on the left side of your page, either above or underneath the headline. If you choose to put a video make it a minute long or two minutes maximum. For an image, it should be relevant to your products and services. Most of all, whatever image or video you add, make sure it is something professional yet interesting for the customers.

Headline/ Subheadline

Determines the strength of your page to hold your client’s attention and eventually make a purchase or place a call. There are a lot of processes and technicalities in formulating a headline, but these might drown the uniqueness of your page. Just remember to keep it simple and direct to the point. The primary key for your headline’s success is to put the prospect in an affirmative mode. A “yes” will psychologically condition the customers to take you up on your offer. After an affirmative prospect, end the headline with a call to action which promises the customers the biggest benefit you can offer.

Body Copy/Bullet Points

Once your headline does its wonders, the body will continue to stir up your customer’s interest for your products/services. Ideally, it must be a few paragraphs only, followed by bullet points. Bullet points are short, catchy sentences aimed to emphasize the benefits and focus of your business or product. The body of your page must be short, sweet and focused on highlighting the strength of your business.

Contact Form

Not all who visit your page can call you. Leave them the option to submit their information through a contact form. The form must only ask for basic information like name, email address, and phone number. A comment option can be added where they can put their inquiries. For your contact form’s click button for submission; you can be creative by placing “Get free estimate” or “Get free consultation” instead of the usual “submit”.

Testimonial box

This is the portion of your contact form where customers can express their gratitude for the quick and reliable service you provided them. This will help boost your credibility which can attract future customers. Of course, you must screen what gets posted on your page to make sure that the testimonials will really serve their purpose.

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