Safeguarding Your Home

A home intrusion occurs every 16 seconds, not to mention that 90% of the times, homes are left empty. See, there are two kinds of burglars: the amateurs and the professionals.

Keeping your home safe isn’t a big problem just because of burglars or opportunists. No, there are far more serious issues in your home to be dealt with along with the external safety of your home. These are 10 simple ways of safeguarding your home from almost all dangers that can cause collateral damage to you and to your friends and family.

Awesome Alarm System

Be sure to look for an awesome alarm system. Yes, it might be a little expensive given that on average, you will have to pay between $125 and $1500 for the alarm alone plus a monthly monitoring fee of $39. But, if you think about it thoroughly, these costs are cheap compared to the cost that would be lost if a burglar or worse, a killer gains access into your home.

Trustworthy Security Dog


The man’s best friend is the best guard when it comes to your safety. He will always be loyal and he certainly won’t let anyone he doesn’t know to enter your vicinity without your permission.

Vigilant Motion-detecting Lighting, Indoors and Out

First, you should put up signs that your home is surrounded by security cameras and then install your motion detectors both inside and out and the security cameras which will not only prevent intruders but will also warn you when there’s danger inside your house.

Exclusive Keys


Never give anyone except mature house residents have access to your keys.

Close-Ties with Neighbors

Be friendly with your neighbors because they are the ones who can help you guard your house whenever you’re not around and vice versa.

Sturdy Doors


Make sure your doors are strong enough to withstand any kicking or forcing open.

Window Pains

Notice that I did not spell “pains” as “panes”? Because all your headache and pain will come from your windows because your child may fall off the window or go through the window in the middle of the night, and also windows are the famous passage ways for burglars and other bad guys so better make sure to have your windows well guarded.

Privacy of Personal Properties

Never publicize what is inside your home. This will attract opportunists and burglars.

Keep Off Dangerous Areas

Mark the areas in your home that are prone to accidents and make sure that your kids or you won’t be one of the victims when passing by or going to those areas.

Be Fire Proof


Be careful when it comes to fire; nobody goes near it or plays with it that doesn’t get burned. Be mindful when you cook, or when you use the gas tank. Maintain a fire extinguisher in your home just in case.


These are just some of the things you have to make sure of doing to really ensure that your home is safe and that everyone inside is safe.

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